Furniture Fix™ - Seat & Cushion Support

Lift and Fix Your Sagging Upholstery! SAVE MONEY & YOUR FURNITURE

from this....... to THIS:
  • Panels interlock instantly
  • Specially engineered panels support heavy use
  • Customizable to lift and fix sagging upholstery of any size
Holds Up To 1000 Points!
  • Quick fix for old sagging furniture
  • Provides instant support to old, tired springs
  • Don't throw out your favorite chair or sofa

Easy To Use Easy To Use - No Tools Required
Just Place Furniture Fix Under Sagging Cushions for Instant FIrmness!
Furniture Fix is Great for: Sofas, Chairs & Beds!
Experince Renewed Comfort

Send me this amazing offer, which includes 1 set of 6 Furniture Fix panels for just $14.99 + $7.95 P&H.

I'll also receive an additional set of 6 panels as a BONUS - for just $7.95 separate processing and handling. And that's not all. The 4 Furniture Movers and Couch Pouch will be included as FREE gifts.

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You will receive a set of 6 Furniture Fix™ panels for just $14.99 plus $7.95 P&H and we'll send you another set of 6 Furniture Fix™ panels as a BONUS - just pay $7.95 separate processing and handling. That's a total of 12 panels, which is enough to fix 2 chairs or a loveseat! And there's more! We'll also include 4 Furniture Movers and the Couch Pouch absolutely FREE!

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